Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What people are searching for

So it's been a little over a year since I started this blog.  One of the fun things you can do when you have any sort of website is look at your statistics - number of page views, unique visitors, where visitors are from, referring websites, and my favorite, the search terms.  Yep, if you end up at a website by searching for it in Google, we can see what you looked for.

Most of the searches are directly for me.  Usually some interesting variant of "Photo Steevo," "photosteevo," "steevo's picture blog," "steevo photo."  One of the reasons I use Photo Steevo is that it's a little simpler to say and remember than the spelling and pronunciation of my last name.  (Hronek, only six letters, said like chronic without the c.  Not so difficult, eh?)  So I've seen "Steve Hronek," "Steve hornek," "steven hroenk," "how to pronounce hronek," and "where does hronek come from," among others.  At least some people are trying.  

Then there are some more fun searches.  I see a lot of "middle finger," "blow this," "blow classes," and "blow middle finger" because of this friendly post about customer service.

Then I see a lot of "how to make buckeyes," "buckeyes not stick to your fingers," "make buckeyes with wax," because of this post. Though that recipe works, I don't know if I'd trust anything posted on a random blog where the guy goes through things backwards.

I think my favorites have been the search terms that have popped up after my post that started with "How to tell your parents you're leaving..."  Since then, I've seen all sorts of phrases that follow the formula - How to tell "somebody" that you're leaving "something."  Examples?  "How to tell your parents you're leaving home," "how to tell your wife you're leaving her," and my favorite, "how to tell your dog you're leaving."  I have cats.  I leave a giant bowl of food out and they know.  They also try to stow away with me by sleeping in my suitcase...

I think a new goal for the next year should be to write a bunch of obscure "how to" articles.  How to eat crawfish like a northerner.  How to avoid getting mugged.  How to survive a summer in New Orleans.  Ok, I'm still trying to figure out that last one.  Step one - crank up the air conditioner.  Done. 

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