Monday, August 15, 2011

Dudes (and ladies) in dresses: Red Dress Run 2011

I had a great time at the Red Dress Run this year, despite some communications issues that led to there not being much of an actual run.  As usual, the crowds took liberal interpretations of what constitutes a "red dress" to make for some hilarious, beautiful, and downright disgusting sights.  I would've stayed in the quarter later into the evening, but I think the folks at the black tie gala that I photographed right afterward are glad I showered first.

Meet Romeo.  Partier, lady killer, ...bird. 
Mrs. Mad Hatter
There's a fine line between what dancing and stripping looks like.
Your earrings really bring out the color in your mustache.  
This off the shoulder piece allowed the meat cleaver tattoos to shine.
Lesson for festival goers:  Liquor results in less urine than beer.
Holding the swings while the kids waited in the beer line.
Why there are currently no red dresses in any stores within 30 miles of the city.  
The Red Dress... hula hoop?
"Dude, I'm serious.  Put on a dress and meet me in the French Quarter."
It's good to see our nation's first people represented.  
...sorry, man, that's not your shade of lipstick.  
Yes, I know what's down there, please don't raise the kilt. 
Just a typical Saturday in New Orleans.

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  1. I actually know the guy in picture # 3 (the stripper) and I don't know anyone really~ :) Tona