Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to tell your parents that you're leaving your fancy, high paying, corporate job

And for that matter, how to tell the world.  This is the letter I sent to my parents last week, with a couple minor changes.  For all the people in my life, and those watching from the outskirts, here is how major life changes are unveiled.
Hello Parents,
After much thinking, deliberation, weighing of pros, cons, and possiblities, I've formally put in my resignation at my company. I told my boss two weeks ago and we've been discussing options and transition plans and determined my last day will be July 8th, three days after I get back from my Ohio trip. We made the announcement to my immediate work group today, and there seemed to be some sadness that I was leaving, but people were offering congratulations and well wishes.
I think my thoughts on my work have been fairly obvious to you for a while. The worsening of that environment coupled with the growing range of other opportunities (e.g. photography work) led me to finally making the decision to leave. Jenny and I have been talking about this for the last five months, and she's extremely supportive of the decision.
I'm excited for the change. It will undoubtedly bring new challenges and uncertainties, but as my boss put it - "I've seen too many people walk through the same door for 25 years without ever asking what was behind the door next to it." I gotta try that other door...
Sorry for not telling you before I pulled the trigger on this. I just felt that this was a decision that Jenny and I needed to make on our own. I'll call you tonight after I get home. I do still have plenty of work to get done in my last six weeks here.
Your young and crazy son,
More to come...

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  1. Mad support, man. Cheers to supportive partners who make it possible for their men to pursue their crazy artistic passions!