Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gearing up while gearing down

400ft drop off into a volcanic crater.  Definitely no net here. 
So what does one think of when they’re three and a half weeks away from exiting the corporate world and entering the mad scramble on their own? Getting things lined up, making and executing plans, stocking up on Ramen noodles? There’s a phrase in the entrepreneurship world that goes “If you jump, the net will appear.” While that’s somewhat comforting, I’d still rather be on the ground weaving the net before I take the dive.

In no particular order, here’s a list of the stuff that’s rolling through my head. Some of it is actionable during the off hours of my last three and a half weeks of employment, all of it actionable within the next 60 days. And I’m leaving some of this intentionally vague. I can’t give away all my secrets yet.

Things on my mind:

  • New Business Cards (found a printer I like, need to finish organizing images)
  • Website Updates (rewording, reformatting, adding content)
  • Marketing Plans - Ad Creation (multiple targeted ads); Placement (appropriate to respective targets); product offerings (there’s a separate list for this)
  • Existing Contacts (reach out to existing patrons in my circle as well as those long shots I know on the edge)
  • Lead generation – Another “net” maxim for success, this time from fishing instead of acrobatics: Cast a wide net. I’m open to a lot right now. There’s another separate list for this.
  • Tax issues to get in front of– Anybody known a tax accountant in New Orleans who’s good with freelance businesses?
  • Organizational Involvement – Professional, Educational, Social

None of this even touches on self directed continuing education, which, probably more than anything else, is what makes me, me. My library reading list is taking shape, Toastmasters meetings are on the schedule, other lists of technical skills and portfolio fillers are coming together.

So far I'm only certain of two things.  (1) I'm going to be busy, and (2)  I seem to like lists.

p.s.  I love all of the crazy ideas other people have been throwing my way.  Keep them coming!

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