Sunday, August 29, 2010

A mention of The storm

It seems fitting that the fifth anniversary of Katrina has been accompanied by two days of constant rain. I can only imagine that the memories of the event are enhanced by the gloomy skies and ponds slowly filling the streets. I wanted to post a few pictures that I've collected from various trips around the city, but I don't feel qualified to say much else about this. I came to New Orleans a year and a half after Katrina, so I don't have any first person experiences of the storm itself. All the locals that lived through the event have their own stories; each unique and bordering on unbelievability. I could attempt to recount the stories I heard about houses pulled off their foundations, the herd of cows that drowned, the guy that had to swim half a mile to an overpass, the grandmother that returned to her home to find that the inventory of an adult novelty shop had floated its way into her attic. It wouldn't be the same coming from me. If you're really interested in hearing these stories, it's not hard to find examples from the locals that were here and can speak about things in the first person.

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