Friday, September 3, 2010

It's been how long?

Has it been over a month already? Where the heck does the time go? It seems like only 40 days ago that I was taking self portraits and considering starting a blog.

Ha ha ha. See, that's funny because it has been exactly 40 days. The observant reader will notice that my sense humor hasn't improved in the last month. Hmmm. I wanted to put a line through observant to make it look like I crossed it out, but I don't know how yet. **sigh** OK, any reader can notice that I haven't learned much of anything about this blogging stuff during the last month.

The fact that I don't care or have a commitment to anything on here is what makes it so gratifying. I'm free to populate these pages with inane drivel until I can drivel no more. I can also write nothing. Freedom is its own reward. With all of this unrequested responsibility accompanying my adulthood, that reward is invaluable.

I figured there would be a lot of possible directions I could take this. Pure photography, pure writing, or a mix? Common theme or random blabbering? Profound and serious or giddy and idiotic? So many choices. A lovely part of that freedom I mentioned above is that I basically get to say "Eff it, I'm not choosing." Although, I think that defaults me into a "hybrid-random blabbering-seriously idiotic something or other" mold.

Overall, I'm happy about a few things:

1) I've managed to get a post up about every three days.

2) I've got more things I want to write about (and photograph) now than when I started. Ideas promote learning which yields more ideas; truly a virtuous circle.

3) People have actually told me that they're reading this, and for one reason or another, they're enjoying it. I love self-selected samples - the people that read this and conclude I'm an idiot surely aren't going to tell me.

Looking forward to whatever the next 40 days bring.


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