Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kings of keeping me awake

A full night of uninterrupted sleep is a gift only the occasional weekend can give. I do enjoy that wonderful feeling of nodding off with little on my mind and an unset alarm clock. I even enjoy those brief moments of waking, where reality is distinguished from dream just long enough to check the clock and make sure I don't have to stay conscious. Ahh, the sweet serenity of slumber.

Of course, I almost never get that feeling. Living in the south, even with regular spraying those ever resilient cockroaches still breach the walls of my apartment to scuttle around after the lights go out. Since they typically shy away from us big apes in the light, I probably wouldn't notice or care as they crawled around after hours. More often though, I'll wake at 5:00 a.m. to the crashes of my cats throwing their ample bodies around the room with complete disregard for their surroundings.

These cats are the undisputed kings of their three room jungle, although I don't quite understand their hunting habits. On all the nature shows I've seen, the predator normally goes for a quick incapacitation of the prey. They don't play games of catch, injure, release, catch again, paw around, release, retreat, stalk, pounce, release. I end up having to intervene and offer a merciful death by vacuum to the tortured insects. Even after the hunt is over I don't get to go back to sleep. The cats seem to think that prowling around howling for the next half hour will cause more bugs to appear for their entertainment.

Next time I'll follow them with my camera, so for my lack of sleep I'll at least have some nice cockroach pictures to post rather than whatever bugs these are. ***Yawn***

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