Thursday, September 30, 2010

(...) Mardi Gras

If I wrote that there was a New Orleans event with music and parades; with beads being bartered for sights of skin; with crowded streets, costumed people and a general abandonment of good taste; you'd probably think "Mardi Gras."  And until you saw the pictures or I added some commentary on the demographic profile of the revelers, your thought would be correct.

Southern Decadence is often called the Gay Mardi Gras.  The comparison is fairly accurate, at least if you're talking about the Mardi Gras activities that take place on Bourbon St.  There's the same bold, alcohol induced lasciviousness in both events.  The main difference being the much higher ratio of men to women during Decadence, and maybe the notable difference in the number of genuine compliments on women's outfits coming from men.

This is not a story about gay people.  It is not a story about guys in dresses.  It's simply a story about people being free to do what they want, about people being free to do what makes them happy.  On this island in a sea of southern conservatism, these people got their party.

Maybe someday I'll write about my first encounter with Southern Decadence.  Friends came into town and a hurricane was only a day away...

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