Monday, July 26, 2010

Warning: Photographic Metaphor Ahead

A large amount of thought wasn't put into this whole blog thing before I created it yesterday. I wanted an outlet for my photography as well as other thoughts and Google makes it pretty darn easy to create one. Seriously, in about ten minutes you can create, design, and publish your first blog post about 3rd century cuisine or your badminton league.

It's so easy and early in the process that I've been reticent to even share it with others during its first 30 hours of existence because frankly, I don't know if I have the attention span to deliver something of quality on a routine basis. I can't help but think of a book on marathon training I once read that said you should tell everybody you know that you're training for a marathon. In doing that, you've somewhat made a commitment to follow through, or otherwise face looking like a dirty lying failure. Point being - if you really want to do it, tell people you're going to do it. (Please ignore the fact that I never did run a marathon, the idea is still sound.)

Now that Photo Steevo exists, even with a non-existent readership, I suddenly feel an obligation to add to it. But what do I add?!? This is where the titular warning comes into play. In the last day or so I've already compiled a list of twenty-ish things that I'd like to scribble about. Part of the point of this blog being about my picture taking habit, I've already sketched out several plans for shots that I think would be illustrative of some of the ideas. I'm excited. I've got a crowd of aimless and unfocused ideas. Maybe the blog is just the cop on the motorbike that I needed to drive them in a common direction.

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