Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello World

This afternoon I realized I was doing the world a great disservice by not exposing it to my extended ruminations on life's details, as well as the photographic adventures that are taking up an increasing amount of my time. How dare I be so selfish? To continue keeping so much from so many would be a crime.

OK, self-mockery aside, I simply felt that I was ready to try something different in the approach to my online persona. Facebook friends and acquaintances have made up the audience to an increasing number of my posted photographs. At times I want the picture to speak for itself, in which case a simple upload to FB might be adequate. Sometimes the point of the picture is to provide emotive substance to the ineffable, so if I do it right, I shouldn't need to say anything. But what about the times when I want to say something else?

When I want to use a photograph to accompany writing, or writing to add depth to a photograph, that's the basic purpose I envision for this blog. Beneath that, the hope is that I'll feel compelled to be more consistent with writing and with giving myself photographic assignments. Deeper still, this can serve as an avenue for me to unload the eclectic mix of crap that seems to circulate through my brain. Hell, if anybody actually ends up reading this, maybe I'll get to hear some other points of view.

Closing notes about the image - I like playing with lighting equipment and I'd like more opportunities to do so with subjects other than myself. Believe it or not, self portraits can be a challenge. I have a limited idea of where the light and shadows are going to fall when I hit the button, so it can be a lot of trial and error. Most of the time I end up with what you'd expect from me as a pallid, non-model; a look that says either says "I'm thinking deeply" or "Is this thing on?"

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