Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Fatty Photographs

My trip through the small town south yielded enough images that I got one on the cover.  It's not National Geographic, but it's still something of a milestone knowing that the first thing people will see on newsstands is your work in nice glossy print.  This is a first step, a confidence booster that says "hey, that wasn't so bad, let's do more."  It's also nice knowing that some of the little shops I took the pictures in sell this magazine, so they'll get to talk about their features and show off to their customers.

This week I'll be heading back out to Lafayette for a couple of nights.  There's a party I'm photographing and then I'll be out looking for trouble and/or non-trouble related interesting things to take pictures of.  Charlotte last weekend, Lafayette this weekend, Ohio next weekend.  Look for more photo-awesomeness soon.

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