Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I've never missed a kick

In general, people who watch football games on TV are all pretty good at telling the players and coaches what they're doing wrong.  If the stupid running back would've just cut left...  If the kicker would've made that simple 43 yard field goal from the left hash into the wind in the snowstorm...  Yes, we all know what to do, and if we just had a shot on the field, we could show'em how to do things right.

As it turns out, this stuff isn't that easy.  That might explain why there are so few players and so many spectators.  Last week we got a chance to walk the field, make some passes, catch some balls, and kick some field goals.  With no technique or practice, and a couple glasses of wine in them, the success rate for most people from 10-15 yards out was pretty low.  The ball would end up a few feet off the ground, to one side or the other, or shanking off into the pass throwing activity's area.

Personally, I never missed a kick.  Some people might bring up the fact that I didn't attempt a kick and regurgitate that motivational "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take" stuff.  My stance is that given my near complete lack of athletic ability, my miss rate would be about 100% anyway, so why bother?  At least now I get to say that I never missed and then quickly change the subject.

I did have fun watching other people attempt some kicks.

And another attempt.  Note where the ball ends up in the last picture.  

I didn't switch in a picture from another series, I swear.  

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