Sunday, January 30, 2011

Peppers, baby!

I can honestly say that I had a full and productive week.  What a nice feeling.  Unfortunately, that nice feeling is somewhat offset right now by the bad feeling that comes after drinking cheap wine and pushing off brand whiskey shots on people.  What can I say?  I'm a mountain of class.  

Yesterday morning I got the urge to replace the stock photos on the wall by my dinner table with original work.  Half an hour later I was returning from the grocery store with $12 worth of a variety of delicious looking peppers.  A couple hours after that I was hanging the prints on my wall.  Pretty darn quick turnaround on this project.  The best part about working with food though, is that you get to eat everything when you're done.  Granted, I was stabbing these things with pins to get them to in position... but I'm pretty sure I took all of them out.  
I did baby pictures this morning which was something entirely new to me.  I had no idea how I'd respond to working with a mini person, but it actually seemed to go well.  The two situations I didn't want to happen, didn't happen (I neither damaged the baby nor got pooped/peed/puked on).  As tends to happen, a flood of ideas started coming in right as the baby decided he had had enough of all the flashing lights.  It was a good experience and something I'd do again, based on the assumption that all babies are well behaved and cooperative like Max was.  

Time to use an Abita Strawberry to help shut down the brain in preparation for another busy week.  

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