Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's: Sickness, Goals, and Drool

The wife and I seem to be taking turns staying in sick on New Year's eve.  This year it was my turn to witness the televised dropping of the ball and the muffled sound of fireworks from my plague ridden apartment nest.  Truth be told I was already back on upswing of health after being hit by a sudden stomach flu type sickness.  Could I have ventured out?  Probably.  Am I glad I didn't?  Definitely.  I think the fact that I'm awake and feeling somewhat normal instead of fighting the usual New Year's hangover validates my decision.

I'm almost thankful that I didn't get to roam the streets taking photos last night.  Instead of spending today editing pictures, I'll get to sit down and do some good old fashioned goal setting for 2011.  There are things that I'd like to do with this life.  Best not dilly-dally in getting them done.  While I'm scribbling notes to myself at my desk, I figured I'd release some photos from last New Year's in New Orleans.  I'm really starting to impress myself with my ability to catch people in really bad moments. For your enjoyment - Girl drooling after having thrown up in potted plant on Bourbon St.

She gets at least 50 points for that stream of drool that must be almost a foot long.

Don't worry.  I'm sure she made it home ok ... eventually.

Happy 2011!

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