Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don't read this (unless you want to see a penguin statue wearing a tie)

Yeah, that was a test.  If you're reading this, you (a) don't follow instructions very well and you failed, (b) win because you defied the rules and hey, the world needs some rule breakers, or (c) you really like penguins in formalwear, in which case you can join the club of people with unaddressed personal issues.

No really though, I said don't read it because this is one of those "I've changed stuff on my site" posts.  Nothing major on the blog, just some additional text thrown on here to add some much needed clutter.  On PhotoSteevo.com, I finally got around to adding a more legitimate "about me" page.  I'm finding that I'm not thrilled with the service that I used to make the site (BigBlackBag) for a number of reasons, but until I decide to spend time learning some web design (not currently on the schedule) or decide to pay somebody else to do it (not currently in the budget), I'm stuck with BBB.  There are a few layout things I'll be doing over the next week, but I won't get into reasons here.  Why are you still reading this, anyway?!  Go back to watching funny animal videos like everybody else on the internet.

I bet they don't have a penguin wearing a tie on that site though...  That's what I'm here for, folks --  Providing more distractions that keep you from doing anything productive.

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