Friday, December 10, 2010

Cords, computers, and camera crap

Every so often I break down and make an attempt to organize bits of my life.  Today, the clutter on my desk finally gave me the resolve to do stuff I've been putting off for eight months.  First step - get rid of the old emachines desktop that has been sitting idle since I got the dreamy iMac.  Unfortunately, my refusal to ever delete anything means that I have to back up the hard drive one last time.  Transferring five years worth of music, pictures, and movies from the PC to multiple external hard drives takes FOREVER.  So much for getting all of this out of the way quickly.

The stack of external hard drives that I've accumulated is another problem in itself.  Despite my making fun of black friday deals, I ended up getting a pair of 2TB external drives for next to nothing, which I hope can give me sufficient space for a few years of primary and secondary backups.  Losing data sucks.  I've experienced it before, and because of that I'm willing to be a little obsessive about preventing a total loss again.  

Speaking of losses, it's a lovely Friday afternoon and I should be saving this computer junk for darker hours.  Time to go see some daylight.

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