Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome back to the fray

After being away from home for close to a week, you're generally ready for a return to normalcy.  Work, hobbies, significant other, ...giant cats, etc.  The best you can hope for on Monday is a long day of catching up on all the pleasantness that is your job.  Worst case, you sleep like crap because your cats missed you and then you get a flat tire on the way to work.

Ok, maybe worst case would be stubbing your toe or running out of coffee or realizing that the zombie apocalypse has arrived, but you get the point.  You never expect to be gliding along at 60 mph and then having your vehicle start to rumble as if the pistons were trying to escape the engine block.  The first thought that goes through your head when you've got a ten year old vehicle is a sarcastic "oh great, this p.o.s. is failing on me."  After you pull over cursing at your rotten luck, you get out and see your rear driver's side tire is half crumbled to nothing.  That's when you exclaim enthusiastically, "oh great, it's just a tire!"

Then you're even more ecstatic when you actually read your owner's manual to discover wonderful things like "I have a car jack" and "so that's how I get my spare tire out from under my truck."  After spending a few minutes moving dirty tire bits and banging lug nuts in one direction or another, you're forced to stop enjoying the fine swampiness of a Louisiana highway and make your way into work.

If you're lucky, your tires only cost $114 a piece and your boss lets you leave a bit early to get to the shop before they close.  If you're unlucky, some asshole customer backs into your car while in the parking lot of the tire shop.  They get out to examine for any damage, and seeing that the right corner of your bumper is completely caved in, they quickly drive off.  You eventually see the damage and tell the manager of the tire store who is then able to deliver the license plate number and all information about the hit and run driver to the cop that's standing in the store 15 minutes later.

What a day you've had.  Be thankful that only the flat tire happened to you, and the hit and run happened to some other customer of the tire shop while you were waiting in the lobby.

Welcome home.

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