Monday, April 25, 2011

My idea monster

I've got these ideas man!  Little what-if ideas and big holy-shit-I-could-never-make-that-happen ideas.  Ideas for websites, pictures, writing, products, productivity, or whatever daydream I'm focused on for those particular five minutes.  Ok, most of it is trivial crap that strikes me throughout the day, but at least I've gotten into the habit of keeping Post-it notes with me while in the office, since most of these ideas come as my mind drifts away from things I "should" be thinking about.  My systematically folded strips of yellow paper filled with half-legible scribblings make their way into my pockets where they get added to a stack once I get home.

Eventually I'll unfold a couple and see if there's any way I can act on the idea.  Going back to them after a day or a month can lead to a lot of "I can't believe I forgot about that!!" moments, as well as plenty of "what the hell was I thinking??" moments.  The only certainty is that opening up one usually inspires two more.  I guess this handful of paper is my sketchbook, my journal, my whiteboard, my voice recorder, my wax pencil in the shower. It's growing into an uncontrollable mass of V shaped Post-its that's devouring an increasing share of my brainpower.  How can I be expected to work or sleep when there's a monster like this growing every day?

So what form does your idea monster take?

1 comment:

  1. Three sketchbooks simultaneously. And voice memos on my phone. And horrible touchscreen drawings on my phone. It's hard being creative, you can't get ahead.