Friday, March 25, 2011

It truly has been March madness

I have to consider it a good thing when I take a moment to stop and reflect on recent events and realize that the last few weeks have been so densely packed with activity that everything has blurred together into one hazy ball of memories.  Visitors have been coming in a steady stream; old faces from grade school, from high school, and from college.  New Orleans has been keeping pace with the activities; Mardi Gras, crawfish boils, and St. Patrick's Day festivities.  Layer on some real work, a busy spring for philanthropic events to photograph, my getting hammered in face with a sinus infection, and I've been chugging along at a happy clip.  

I owe you guys some pictures and thoughts from the past few weeks.  This weekend seems like it might allow me to play catch up so keep your eyes peeled.  Not tonight, though.  I need to go watch people play with a ball and eat mud insects, as any proper Ohio State alumnus should do while living in New Orleans. 

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